Birth Name: Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland
Birthdate: December 21, 1966
Birthplace: London, England
Occupations: Actor, Director
Claim to Fame: 1987: Sexy lead vampire in The Lost Boys

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Camelia Sutherland, actress; married 1987; filed for divorce February 1990
Julia Roberts, actress; met while filming Flatliners (1990); were engaged; marriage scheduled for June 14, 1991; did not marry; no longer together
Amanda Rice, dancer; dated in 1991; no longer together
Wife: Kelly Winn; born 1963; married June 29, 1996; announced their separation August 1999

Father: Donald Sutherland, actor; married to Shirley Douglas from 1966-71; father of Roeg, Rousif and Angus
Mother: Shirley Douglas, actor; was involved with the Black Panthers during her marriage to Donald Sutherland; arrested for trying to buy hand grenades from the CIA with a personal check, but case thrown out of court
Sister: Rachel; Keifer's twin sister
Half-brothers: Roeg, Rousif and Angus Redford
Daughter: Sarah Jude; born 1988
Stepson: Julian; born 1990; mother, Kelly Winn
Stepson: Timothy; born 1993; mother, Kelly Winn

1986: Founded Still Water Productions, named after a river that ran through his Montana ranch

Catholic boarding school, Ottawa; left at age 15


Picking up the Pieces  (2000)/Beat  (2000)/Woman Wanted  (1999)/Dark City  (1998)/Killing Time  (1998)/A Soldier's Sweetheart  (1998)/Truth or Consequences, N.M.  (1997)/The Last Days of Frankie the Fly  (1997)/ÚLtimas ConsequêNcias  (1997)/A Time to Kill  (1996)/Eye for An Eye  (1996)/Freeway  (1996)/Hourglass  (1995)/The CowboyWay(1994)/Teresa's Tattoo  (1994)/The Vanishing  (1993)/Last Light  (1993)/The Three Musketeers  (1993)/Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me  (1992)/A Few Good Men  (1992)/Article 99  (1992)/Flashback  (1990)/Trapped in Silence  (1990)/Young Guns II  (1990)/Chicago Joe and The Showgirl  (1990)/Flatliners  (1990)/Renegades  (1989)/1969  (1988)/Bright Lights, Big City  (1988)/Young Guns  (1988)/The Killing Time  (1987)/The Lost Boys  (1987)/Promised Land  (1987)/Crazy Moon  (1986)/
Stand by Me  (1986)/Amazing Stories - Book One  (1986)/Brotherhood of Justice  (1986)/The Bay Boy  (1984)/Max Dugan Returns  (1983)/Armitage III Poly-Matrix: An Animated Motion Picture.