Insomnia, 2002/ Ocean´s Eleven, 2001/ The Perfect Storm, 2000 / O Brother,Where Art Thou?, 2000 / Three Kings,1999 / TheThin Red Line,1998 / Out of Sight,1998 / Waiting for Woody,1998 / Batman & Robin,1997 / The Peacemaker,1997/ Full Tilt Boogie, 1997/ From Dusk Till Dawn,1996 / One Fine Day,1996 / Without Warning: Terror in the Towers, 1993/ The Harvest,1993 / Unbecoming Age,1992 / Red Surf,1990 / Sunset Beach, 1990/ Return of the Killer Tomatoes,1988 / Return to Horror High,1987/ Combat High, 1986.

Synchronstimme:South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, 1999 / Gastrolle : Spy Kids, 2001 .
T. V.- Serie : Emergency Room


Full name: George Timothy Clooney
Birthdate: May 6th 1961, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Sign: Taurus
Height 5' 11'' (1,80m)
Education:  Northern Kentucky University (George´s quote ''I have been a freshman for 3yrs and kids, don´t try this at home'')
Father: Nick Clooney, broadcast journalist
Mother: Nina
Sister: Ada Zeidler
Aunt:  Rosemary Clooney, famous jazz singer
Cousin: Miguel Ferrer (actor)
Pets: Max, a black pot bellied pig and two bulldogs named Lou and Bud