The Importance of Being Earnest  (2002)/Bridget Jones's Diary  (2001)/Conspiracy  (2001)/Relative Values  (2000)/Londinium  (2000)/My Life So Far  (1999)/The Secret Laughter of Women  (1999)/Shakespeare in Love  (1998)/A Thousand Acres  (1997)/Fever Pitch  (1997)/The English Patient  (1996)/Pride and Prejudice  (1996)/Circle of Friends  (1995)/Playmaker  (1994)/The Advocate  (1994)/Hostages  (1993)/Wings of Fame  (1993)/Femme Fatale  (1990)/Apartment Zero  (1989)/Valmont  (1989)/A Month in the Country  (1988)/Tumbledown  (1988)/Dutch Girls  (1987)/Another Country  (1984)/Camille Nostromo (1984).


Birthdate:September 10, 1960
Birthplace: Grayshot, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Actor
Quote: "I don't think a great many things are achieved by crudely exerting yourself upon them. Still, I'd love to do cartwheels and the fireworks and the pyrotechnics. I would love to dazzle. I just don't have a great capacity for it." --Harper's Bazaar, May 1996
Claim to Fame: Played Tommy Judd in Another Country (1984)

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Livia Giuggioli; born 1970; married June 21, 1997
Jennifer Ehle, actress; born 1970
Meg Tilly, actress; born 1960; together 1989-94

Grandparents: missionaries; worked in India
Father: David Firth, history teacher; born 1934; traveled to various locations to teach; became history lecturer at King Alfred's College, Winchester
Mother: Shirley Firth, teacher; born 1936; lecturer on comparative literature at Open University
Sister: Kate Firth, voice coach; born 1961
Brother: Jonathan Firth, actor; born April 6, 1967
Son: William Firth; born 1990; mother, Meg Tilly

1988: Seattle Film Festival: Best Actor, Apartment Zero
1989: Royal Television Society: Best Actor, Tumbledown
1998: Screen Actors Guild: Cast in a Theatrical Motion Picture, Shakespeare in Love"; shared with cast mates

Had nomadic childhood, living in England, Nigeria and St. Louis, Missouri

The Drama Centre, London, England