Mickey Curry - DRUMS (1981-NOW)
Keith Scott - LEADGUITAR(1983-NOW)
David Taylor - BASSGUITAR (1983-2000 ?)

Tommy Mandel - KEYBOARD(1981-1996)
Jim Vallance - KEYBOARD,(GUITAR,BASSGUITAR&DRUMS) (1980 -1987)
Brian Stanley - BASSGUITAR(1981)
Pat Steward - DRUMS(1984)


With a career spanning over 20 years and worldwide album sales  that rival the biggest recording artists in the world, Bryan Adams's "I'm just the bass player in the band" attitude seems rather simple, compared to his career achievements, but that's just how he is.
His songs have  achieved #1 status all over the world, and his career has seen some amazing recordings with other music legends from around the world. He holds the record for the longest running #1 single in British music history with his hit "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" and has topped the charts in the USA four times with hits "Heaven", "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You", "All For Love" (with Rod Stewart and Sting) and "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?". In addition to these recordings he has been awarded the Order Of Canada from the country he was born in, which is the Canadian equivalent of the British MBE.
His honest live  performances and concerts are well documented, making him one of the most exciting live acts in the world. He has used his concerts to benefit others over the years. Some examples are The Prince's Trust, Live Aid and The Concert for Freedom for Nelson Mandela, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, NetAid/ London and others. On his world tour of 92/93/94 he helped created the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, by issuing over half a million postcards to the fans at the shows, encouraging them to write and send them to Governments opposed to the sanctuary.Most recently, Bryan's focus  has been on supporting breast cancer. After contributing a song to an album and campaign to help find a cure for breast cancer with Self Magazine in America, he went on to organizing a benefit concert in Canada early in 1998 and raised over a million dollars to build a breast-screening center at the St. Catherine's General Hospital with supermodel Linda Evangelista. That led to the release of "Made In Canada," a best selling book of his black and white photographs of Canadian women including Celine Dion, Alanis Morrisette, Joni Mitchell and many others. All royalties from this book went to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Awards have been numerous with a Grammy, an American Music Award, countless industry and songwriting awards and accolades including three Academy Award nominations for his music and lyrics in film soundtracks.
Universal Records has just  released his 12th album this fall entitled "The Best Of Me" - Adams's end of the decade greatest hits collection that includes two new songs, the beatley title track 'The Best Of Me' and the trippy dance track 'Don't Give Up'. The future seems clear that Adams is unstoppable.
In 1999, Adams and  his power trio of Keith Scott on guitar and Mickey Curry on drums, completed over 120 concerts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They are touring Canada in January 2000 with concert dates booked well into the first year of this new millennium.



Hans Zimmer Score:Run Free/Homeland (Main Title)/Rain/The Long Road Back.
Here I Am(End Title)/IWill Always Return/You Can´t Take Me/Get Off My Back/Brothers Under The Sun/ Don´t Let Go (with Sarah McLachlan)/This Is Where I Belong/Here I Am/Sound The Bugle/Nothing I´ve Ever Known/I Will Always Return (Finale).

PARTY AT THE PALACE (50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II) (2CDs 2002):
''(Everything I Do) I Do It For You''

LIVE IN INDIA CD: Do To You What You Do To Me: (Live in Bombay May 2001)

THE BEST OF ME (1999):
The Best Of Me/Can't Stop This Thing We Started/ I'm Ready (MT V Unplugged)/ Summer Of '69/ Let's Make A Night To Remember/ All For Love/ Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?/ Run To You/ Cloud #9/ Everything I Do (I Do It For You)/ Back To You (MT V Unplugged)/ When You're Gone/ Please Forgive Me/ Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You/ The Inside Out// Hidden Track: ''Don't Give Up'' (Chicane feat. Bryan Adams) [oder bei anderen Ausgaben: Dance Mix]
ITALIAN Version includes special Chicane dance hit ''Don't Give Up'' and newest Italian hit single ''Io Vivo (in te)''.
Special Edition includes Bonus-CD with Live-Tracks recorded in South Africa: Summer Of '69(live)/
Back To You (live)/ Can't Stop This Thing We Started (live)/ Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (live)/ Rock Steady (live).

How Do Ya Feel Tonight/C´mon C´mon C´mon/Getaway/On A Day Like Today/Fearless/I´m A Liar/Cloud Number Nine/When You´re Gone(with Melanie C)/Inside Out/If I Had You / Before The Night Is Over/I Don´t Wanna Live Forever/ Where Angels Fear To Tread/Lie To Me// Japanische Ausgabe mit Bonus-Titel ''Hey Baby''.

Summer Of `69/Back To You/Cuts Like Knife7I´m Ready/Fits Ya Good/When You Love Someone/18 Til I Die/I Think About You/If Ya Wanna Be Bad-Ya Gotta Be Good/Let`s Make Night To Remember/The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You/A Little Love/Heaven/I´ll Always Be Right There.

18 Til I Die (1996):
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You/Do To Me/Let`s Make A Night To Remember/18 Til I Die/Star/(I Wana Be) Your Underwear/We´re Gonna Win/I Think About You/I´ll Always Be Right There/It Ain´t A Party....If You Don´t Come ´Round/Black Pearl/You´re Still Beautiful To Me/Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?// Bonus-Track von Limited Edition (=> lila Cover): '' I Finally Found Someone''.

All For Love/ Brindisi/ O sole mio/ Please Forgive Me.

All For Love (feat. Sting & Rod Stewart).

SO FAR SO GOOD (1993):
Summer Of `69/Straight From The Heart/It`s Only Love/Can`t Stop This Thing We Started/Do I Have To Say The Words?/This Time/Run To You/Heaven/Cuts Like A Knive/(Everything I Do) I Do It For You/Somebody/Kids Wanna Rock/Heat Of The Night/Please Forgive Me.

Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?/Hey Honey-I´m Packing You In/Can`t Stop This Thing We Started/Thought I´d Died And Gone To Heaven/Not Guilty/Vanishing/House Arrest/Do I Have To Say the Words?/There Will Never Be Another Tonight/All I Want Is You/Depend On me/(Everything I Do) I Do It For You/If You Wanna Leave Me ( Can I Come Too?)/ Touch The Hand/Do`t Drop That Bomb on Me.

THE ROYAL CONCERT 1987 (released 1989):
Dave Edmunds & Bryan Adams: ''The Wanderer''

HITS ON FIRE (Japanese Double CD Release) (1988)
Cuts Like A Knife/Diana/Hearts On Fire/Heat Of The Night/Heaven/Home Again/Into The Fire/It's Only Love (feat. Tina Turner)/Kids Wanna Rock/Native Son/One Night Love Affair/Only The Strong Survive/ Remembrance Day/Run To You/Somebody/Straight From The Heart/Summer Of '69/This Time/Victim Of Love.

LI VE! LI VE! LI VE! (1988):
She`s Only Happy When....../It´s Only Love/Cuts Like A Knife/Kids Wanna Rock/Hearts On Fire/Take Me Back/The Best Was YetTo Come/Heaven/Heat Of The Night/Run To You/One Night Love Affair/Long Gone/Summer Of `69/Somebody/Walking After Midnight/I Fought The Law/Into The Fire.

Heat Of The Night/Into The Fire/Victim Of Love/Another Day/Native Son/Only The Strong Survive/Rebel/Remembrance Day/Heart On Fire/Home Again.

RECKLESS (1984):
One Night Love Affair/She`s Only Happy When She`s Dancin`/Run To You/Heaven/Somebody/Summer Of ´69/Kids Wanna Rock/It`s Only Love/Long Gone/Ain`t Gonna Cry.

The Only One/Take Me Back/This Time/Straight From The Heart/Cuts Like A Knife/I`m Ready/What`s It Gonna Be/Don`t Leave Me Lonely/Let Him Know/The Best Was Yet To Come.

Lonley Nights/One Good Reason/Don`t Look Now/Coming Home/Fits Ya Good/Jealousy/Tonight/You Want It,You Got It/Last Chance/No One Makes It Right.

Hidin`From Love/Win Some Lose Some/Wait And See/Give Me Your Love/Wastin`Time/Don`t Ya Say It/ Remember/State Of Mind/Try To See It My Way.


Let Me Take You Dancing/ Don`t Turn Away (12'' 1979)

Hiding From Love/ Wait And See (7'' 1980)

Don´t Look Now/??? (12'' 1982)

This Time/Lonely Nights (Japanese 7'' EP 1983)

Straight From The Heart/ One Good Reason (Japanese 7'' 1983)

Straight From The Heart/ One Good Reason/Lonely Nights (12'' 1983)

Cuts Like A Knife/Fits Ya Good/ Hidin`From Love (12'' 1983)

Run To You/I´m Ready/Cuts Like Knife (12'' EP 1984)

Summer Of '69/Kids Wanna Rock LI VE/'' Adamix '' (UK 12'' EP 1984)

One Night Love Affair (Japanese 7'' EP 1984)

Somebody/Long Gone (Japanese 7'' EP 1984)

Somebody/Long Gone/Lonely Nights (12'' 1984)

Heaven/Diana/Heaven LI VE/Fits Ya Good (Japanese 12'' EP 1984)

Reggae Christmas/Christmas Time (7''  EP 1984)

It's Only Love (w/ Tina Turner)/The Best Was Yet To Come (Japanese 7'' 1984)

It's Only Love/The Best Was Yet To Come/It`s Only Love LI VE (12'' 1984)

Heaven/Straight From The Heart/You Want It, You Got It (Japanese 7'' 1984)

Run To You/ I´m Ready/Cuts Like Knife (Japanese 7'' 1984)

Interview Disc - Limited Edition (12'' EP 1984)

Diana/Summer Of '69/The Bryan Adamix (12'' EP 1985)

Tears Are Not Enough (12'' EP 1985)

Heaven/Diana/Kids Wanna Rock/Summer Of '69 (Japanese 12'' EP 1985)

Heaven/Diana/Straight From The Heart/You Want It, You Got It (Japanese Double 7'' EP 1985)

This Time/I´m Ready/ Lonely Nights (12'' 1986)

Straight From The Heart/Fits Ya Good/ One Good Reason/Straight From The Heart LI VE (12 '' 1986)

It`s Only Love (m. Tina Turner)/It´s Only Love (Solo Version) (7'' 1986)

Heat Of The Night/Another Day (Cassette Single 1987)

Victim Of Love/ Heat Of The Night LI VE (Ltd. Ed. 7'' 1987)

Hearts On Fire/Run To You/Native Son (12'' 1987)

Do I Have To Say The Words?/ Summer Of`69 LI VE/Kids Wanna Rock LI VE.(EP 1991)

Touch The Hand/??? (EP 1991)

Can't Stop This Thing We Started/ It´s Only Love LI VE/ Hearts On Fire (EP 1991)

Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven/Somebody LI VE (EP 1991)

(Everything I Do I Do It) For You/She´s Only Happy.....LI VE/Cuts Like A Knife LI VE/Everything I Do (extended Version) (EP 1991)

There Will Never Be Another Tonight/Into The Fire LI VE/ One Night Love Affair LI VE (EP 1991)

All I Want Is You (Single Version)/ Touch The Hand (Album Version)/ Live in Japan: Long Gone & Run To You  (1992)

The Live Volume (EP 1992)
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You/C'mon Everybody/Can't Stop This Thing We Started/House Arrest/
There Will Never Be Another Tonight.

All For Love/ Straight From The Heart// Rod Stewart: ''If Only''// Sting: ''Love Is Stronger Than Justice''(Live).(EP1993)

Please Forgive Me (Radio Mix)/ Live: C'mon Everybody & There Will Never Be Another Tonight & Can't Stop This Thing We Started.  (1993)

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?/ Low Life. (CD Single 1995)

Rock Steady (Promo Single) (1995)

Let's Make A Night To Remember (LP Version)/ Rock Steady/ If Ya Wanna Be Good, Ya Gotta Be Bad (Demo Version)/ Hey Little Girl. (EP 1996)

Let's Make A Night To Remember/Star/ Rock Steady/ Rock Steady (non LP version)/
Hey Little Girl (non LP version). (CD Single 1996)

I Finally Found Someone/ Star (Jack-Remix)/ I Think About You (Album Version)/ Do To You (Album Version). (EP 1996)

Back To You/ ??/ ??.(CD Single 1997)

When You're Gone/ I Love Ya Too Much/ What Does It Do To Your Heart? (CD 2 Single 1998)

When You're Gone/ Hey Baby/ When You're Gone (Remix; without Mel C). (CD 1 Single 1998)

Cloud# 9 (Chicane Remix) / Let's Talk About Love (w/ Celine Dion)/When You're Gone.(CD2 Single 1999)

Cloud #9/ ??/ When You're Gone (Acoustic Version). (CD1 Single 1999)

The Best Of Me/ demo versions of 'Inside Out' and 'How Do You Feel Tonight'.(CD-Single #1 1999)

The Best Of Me/ demos of `Cloud #9´ and `Fearless`.(CD-Single#2 1999)

Inside Out/ Live in South Africa (siehe Bonus-CD v. ''Best Of Me''): ''Rock Steady'' & ''Back To You''.   (CD-Single; 2000)

IO VI VO (IN TE) (2001):
(= Ital. Version von ''I´m Ready'')/ I'm Ready (Album Version)/ (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear.

HERE I AM (2002):
Here I Am (End Title)/ You Can't Take Me (Alternate Version)/ Cloud Number 9 (Live From Slane Castle)/Here I Am (Instrumental).


*gemeinsam mit Celine Dion: ''Let's Talk About Love'' (v. gleichnamigen Album; 1998)=> Bryan: Songauthor; Celine Dion: vocals
*gemeinsam mit Ronan Keating: ''The Way You Make Me Feel'' (v. Album ''Ronan''; 2000) => Bryan: Songauthor, guitar, backround vocals; Ronan Keating: vocals
*gemeinsam mit Tina Turner: ''Don't Leave Me This Way'' (v. Album ''Twenty Four Seven''; 1999/ 2000) => Bryan: Songauthor, guitar; Tina Turner: vocals
*gemeinsam mit Chicane: ''Don't Give Up'' (Maxi-CD; 2000) => Bryan: vocals; Songauthor =Chicane
*gemeinsam mit Heather Nova: ''Like Lovers Do'' (v. Album ''South''; 2002) => Bryan: guitar, producer; Songauthor = Heather Nova
*gemeinsam mit Glass Tiger: ''Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)'' (1986) => Bryan: background vocals; Songauthor= Jim Vallance & Glass Tiger

....Everybody wants an answer - everybody needs a friend
we all need a shinnin´Star on wich we can depend
n´so tonight we´re wish upon a Star
we never wished upon before....
- (to find what you´re looking for)


Meine Top 10 B.A. songs:

1. Everything I do....
2. star
3. heaven
4. please forgive me
5. Let´s make a night to remember
6. cuts like a knife
7. I think about YOU
8. straight from the heart
9. all for love
10. do i have to say the words

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